Mazin Ahmed

Mazin Ahmed

Application and Infrastructure Security Engineering

Welcome to my website. This is a collection of my public work through the years.

I’m a cybersecurity engineer who enjoys building product security programs, security tools, and security software projects and automating each security aspect.

I worked in different roles throughout my career, including security consulting, application security, infrastructure security, security engineering, and penetration testing.

I focus on cloud security, web application security, mobile application security, penetration testing, red teaming, and security automation.

Security and engineering have been my passions for years. I founded a security start-up,, a highly scalable automated assets discovery, monitoring, and scanning platform that helps companies understand and monitor their external attack surface for security risks. I worked on building the technology, running scalability research, planning product roadmaps, and scaling the platform to be one of the largest databases for Internet-facing assets.

I also enjoy participating in bug bounty programs, security competitions, and CTFs in my spare time.

I’m fluent in Python, Golang, and Bash, and well-experienced in PHP and JavaScript. I’m also familiar with Java, and C/C++.

Outside security and engineering, I enjoy MMA, badminton, volleyball, trying new things, exploring cities I haven’t been to, and having peaceful times.

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