Mazin Ahmed

Mazin Ahmed

Cyber Security Engineer (Offensive Security)

Welcome to my website. This is a collection of my public work through the years.

Computers and security has been always my interest from a young age. I like breaking things to make use of it, or to improve it. I also enjoy developing useful security tools.

My main areas of interest are web security, penetration testing, red-teaming, network security, mobile-application security, WAFs, and software-automation.

I participate in bug bounty programs, security competitions, and CTFs in my spare time to help improving my skills and to improve the state of information security.

In the programming-wise, I’m fluent in Python and Bash, and well-experienced in PHP and JavaScript. I’m also familiar with Golang, Java, and C/C++.

I speak Arabic and English, where Arabic is my native language.

I love reading. I mostly read on computer security and software development. When I’m not reading, I would be mostly applying what I learned.

Beside security and programming (and anything related to computers), I play wrestling and badminton, and I love MMA, travelling, trying new things, and having normal peaceful time.

I founded FullHunt, the next-generation vulnerability intelligence platform.

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