My Story with Onavo (a Facebook's Acquisition)

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When I was checking the Facebook WhiteHat page, I realized that they added a new target to the scope: Onavo.

I downloaded their apps and started to intercept the links that I found.

One of the links raised an eyebrow. I said to myself that this looks vulnerable.

The link looks something like this:

It seems vulnerable to Open Redirect.

I executed the link this:

It redirected me to

I have an Open Redirect vulnerability right now, but that’s not enough.

After digging up more on the nature of the page, I realized that it redirects me after about 2 seconds. So it looked something like this:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=" />

So I changed it to issue a redirection to

Reflected XSS



Final Thoughts:

Mazin Ahmed

Mazin Ahmed

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